Dallas : Knox Street

Janie Montague

Uptown Yoga

Janie discovered the healing practice of yoga following the persistent encouragement of a dear friend to try a Baptiste Power Vinyasa class in 2000. The practice and the delivery of the message quickly found a place in her body, heart and soul. Daily practice lead to a deeper study of the art of yoga and ultimately to a calling to teach. Sharing the practice with others has enriched my life beyond measure. I experience each student as a teacher, both to themselves and to those around them. Following an independent study of the Baptiste practice under the guidance of Jessica Young, Janie embarked upon her journey as a yoga teacher. Subsequent yoga certifications include: Baptiste Assistant Training with Angela Barrese and Brian Lam and American Power Yoga teaching certification with Kurt Johnsen. Janie has conducted yoga foundational workshops, inversion workshops, beginning yoga series programs. “My teaching style has been influenced by my experiences with many local Dallas teachers in addition to study with many of yoga’s master teachers. My life and my teaching are tangled in a beautiful tapestry of past and present experiences which serve to shape and form each new day. My husband of 26 years, Steve, and my son Max, keep me grounded and surrounded with light and love. For all of this support, I remain grateful.” Janie has attended Revolution Weekends with Baron Baptiste and Gregor Singleton and workshops with a host of generous and talented yogis. Janie continues her study and practice of yoga each day, both on and off the mat.

“The light you discover when you allow yourself to shine, illuminates the path of life for yourself and most importantly, for those around you. Ultimately, your source of strength comes from deep inside. Through yoga, you discover that you no longer have to shout to be heard, or to decorate yourself to be seen; your light is authentic and shines from deep in your soul and connects each of us to the strength and softness in each other.”

Janie is a former account executive, a current mother, wife, sister, friend and student of life