Dallas : Knox Street

Josh Mahon

Crossfit Deep Ellum

Josh has played soccer his whole life, along with just about every other sport. In college, he ran the 1600 meters event. After almost losing his leg and life to severe knee surgery complications, Josh was told walking would be his daily workout, at best.

He was not okay with retiring at age 18.

So after six months of vigorous rehab and yoga, Josh attempted CrossFit for the first time. The next day, he was so sore that even getting out of bed was out of the question! From struggling to do the simplest movements in his first WOD to now, Josh pushes himself everyday to get just a little better.

From Josh:"Crossfit has given me so much more than just health. Crossfit has truly given me my life back, and my passion is to share this gift with anyone willing to work for it."