Dallas : North Park

Carter Twitty


Carter first took a Yoga class in his sophomore year in college because a friend of his didn't want to go by himself. The friend never went back; but, for Carter, this single act set him upon the path that has led him to this very moment. Carter continued his Yoga practice through graduation from Southern Methodist University in 2007 and began work as a junior associate in a risk management and insurance group. Following his heart, Carter left in the summer of 2008 to attended Dharma Mittra's Life of a Yogi 200 hour teacher training at the master's studio in New York, NY. Here his love of teaching truly took form as the intensive training deeply immersed him into the science, discipline and protocol of true Yoga with a realized Yoga Master. Carter's Vinyasa classes are firmly set in the traditions of his teacher, Sri Dharma, while incorporating the wonderful discoveries his fellow teachers and students inspire him with everyday. The classes are invigorating and challenging for all levels of practice with their focus on breathing through movement, body alignment, and mental purification that provide his students a refreshing way to incorporate the centuries old traditions of Yoga into their modern lives.