Danbury : Danbury Showroom

Alicia Hinckley-Gibson


What brought you to find yoga and what do you love about it?
Yoga found me. I think we evolve as people, and the time became right for it to become an integral part of me. Before yoga, I had other priorities, other life phases, before I could face the question of finding out “what is good for my life and soul”. After having my beautiful children and growing as a person, I become ready. I knew it one day when I found a studio I loved, filled with mentors and friends that inspired me. If I went to the same place a few years prior, it probably would not have been the same.

Yoga is special like nothing else because it has the spiritual, the mental, the physical, and the community all wrapped up together in one perfect package and it is now a wonderful part of my identity that truly complements who I am

What are some of your goals in life both personal & professional?

I've learned that I love being inspired by people’s example and actions. I never like being told what to do admittedly, growing up and even as an adult. So, I want to lead my life by example for others too, and pay it forward with any inspiration I have received. I do not want to force it upon anyone, I’d rather be playful, whimsical, but infused with wisdom and have that draw people in. I learned early on in teaching that you can't persuade someone to practice yoga who isn't ready for all the gifts it brings.

My main legacy is as a mother and to my family, but I really get a lot out of bringing joy to people and teaching others to do things they didn't think possible. And it could be as simple as someone touching their toes for the first time in decades. Nothing makes me happier than happiness in others. It’s a two way street that happiness thing.

What do you love about the local/Danbury community and what do you hope to bring to it?

What is great about Danbury and the Candlewood area I reside is it has proven to be a dividing line in the cross roads between the New York metro and more country sensibilities.

It kind of has the best of both worlds, with access to the cosmopolitan, but the feel of nature and unpretentiousness. I think that is what I want to bring to this market in my teachings, a mix of an amazing cutting edge workout without all the baggage... just yoga, plain and simple.