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Tracy Springer


Tracy has been motivating people to reach their fitness goals since she was 18 years old. She began as a group fitness instructor in CT and has continued her love of athletics by expanding both her education as well as her certifications and trainings.

Tracy grew up participating in traditional sports and has always had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition in her life.

Tracy uses music to create the atmosphere and drive the workout to help participants reach new levels. She also challenges participants to out aside whatever else is happening and to lose themselves in a group fitness class.

She is dynamic, spirited and ready to help people find their inner strengths and abilities to create their own unique path. She believe her enthusiasm and drive to succeed provides her clients an edge, to move above and beyond any expectations previously set.

Tracy's passion is not just about instructing people to exercise properly, but to educate them on how they can change their life and lead a more balanced lifestyle. Tracy believes the "greatest gift in life is to be remembered". She feels blessed she is in an environment where health and wellness is the focus, and that she has the opportunity to express her passion, while at the same time change peoples lives.

When Tracy is not sweating in class or making people stronger, you will find her educating and promoting health and wellness as a dental hygienist. She also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and volunteering for various organizations in the community at large.

There is only one thing she finds more rewarding then wailing the paths he chosen and that is to help others realize their potential and create their own unique path. All too often we lose sight of our present life when we try I focus on where we have been or where we want to be when really it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

Tracy is most proud of her own children. She knows her true life's work is to help empower those who are ready for change!

You can reach Tracy at Sportsbabe129@yahoo.com