Danbury Fair Mall

Alicia Hinckley-Gibson

Basil Jones Yoga, Ridgefield, CT

What brought you to find yoga and what do you love about it? Yoga found me. I think we evolve as people, and the time became right for it to become an integral part of me. Before yoga, I had other priorities, other life phases, before I could face the question of finding out “what is good for my life and soul”. After having my beautiful children and growing as a person, I become ready. I knew it one day when I found a studio I loved, filled with mentors and friends that inspired me. If I went to the same place a few years prior, it probably would not have been the same. What do you love about the local/Danbury community and what do you hope to bring to it? What is great about Danbury and the Candlewood area I reside is it has proven to be a dividing line in the cross roads... Read the profile >>

Deidre Americo

Yoga Instructor

Deidre Americo, Registered Yoga Teacher / Reiki Practitioner After experiencing positive changes through my own yoga practice, I began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2009 in my free time as a way to find balance with my day job, working as an Art Director in the the deadline-driven world of advertising. It quickly became clear that not only was yoga my passion, but I could be of better service & benefit more people by teaching yoga. Making the transition into teaching full time, I currently teach multiple group classes and private individual sessions. Believing that yoga can be practiced by everyone, I work with a wide array of students, ranging from athletes, to people with limited physical mobility; from yogis that have been practicing for a lifetime, to people who have never tried... Read the profile >>

Mitchel Bleier

Yogapata 444 Danbury Road Wilton, CT

From High School on I was always interested in counter culture. Mostly the counter culture of the 1960's, the Grateful Dead, The Merry Pranksters, etc... I was also fascinated with the idea of Eastern Spirituality or Arts, but I never had any formal practice in it. Perhaps it was the simple association to it that brought a sense of mystique to life. When I was 18 I contracted Hepatitis A at a Grateful Dead show in Oregon where I was going to college. I wasn't inspired by school and the illness gave me an out to move back home. Of course I had no interest in being home, but I think I really did, just at that time I didn't know. While I was away at school, a yoga studio had opened that my sister was going to. I was dabbling with being an herbalist, I started playing African drums, and I... Read the profile >>

Tracy Springer

Bethel Sportsplex

Tracy has been motivating people to reach their fitness goals since she was 18 years old. She began as a group fitness instructor in CT and has continued her love of athletics by expanding both her education as well as her certifications and trainings. Tracy grew up participating in traditional sports and has always had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition in her life. Tracy uses music to create the atmosphere and drive the workout to help participants reach new levels. She also challenges participants to out aside whatever else is happening and to lose themselves in a group fitness class. She is dynamic, spirited and ready to help people find their inner strengths and abilities to create their own unique path. She believe her enthusiasm and drive to succeed provides her... Read the profile >>