Cherry Creek

Christen Bakken

The River, Yoga for Young Warriors

Christen Bakken is uncertain if she found yoga, or if yoga found her, but since 1998 the yoga mat has been Christen’s refuge. Her first visits to the mat had nothing to do with tight hamstrings or shoulders and instead, had more to do with reducing anxiety. Through movement and breath, she began to see the mat as a place to let go, and, only then, strengthen and soften in all areas of her life. In 2006, Christen took her first power yoga teacher training. As important as teaching is to her life, being a student is even more important. She has done many trainings since then; her most recent string of trainings in 2011, 2012 and 2013 with Rusty Wells in San Francisco. Christen hopes to practice beside you as often as she has the opportunity to guide your practice. Christen loves... Read the profile >>

Danielle Barbeau-Cook

The River

For Danielle Barbeau Cook, practicing yoga is way of life on and off the mat. Danielle grew up near Boulder, CO and began practicing yoga over 10 years ago. She quickly discovered that the practice complemented her active lifestyle, helped her get out of her head, and deeplyresonated with her soul. After relocating to San Diego, Danielle choose to deepen her practice and enhance her ability to share her love of yoga with others. In 2010 She completed a 200-hour interdisciplinary vinyasa and anusara flow teacher-training course at Yoga One with Diana Beardsley and Amy Caldwell. Danielle appreciates that by coming to yoga classes we experience grown both as individuals and as a community. She loves that as we twist, bend and flip upside-down yoga connects us back to the playfulness and... Read the profile >>

Jasmine Anderson

Pura Vida Club and Spa, The Rhythm Revolution

Jasmine Anderson has been teaching fitness for six years. Her "home" in Denver is Pura Vida Club and Spa where she has created multiple specialty cycling classes like Rhythm and Ride and Soul Cycle. Her certification and trainings include AFAA Group Exercise, Mad Dogg Spinning, TRX, Rip Traiing, Indo-Row, and ViPR. Jasmine has an extreme passion for offering a top notch, authentic class experience through a combination of the right music and timed movement. "Music in a fitness class is a crucial ingredient for providing consistent motivation. Devoting more time to the music that's played and the way it's delivered makes workouts extremely more effective and dynamic. It's so exciting to see this in action when my students push harder, longer and stronger. They are motivated by the... Read the profile >>

Mike Konrad

Corepower Yoga

Mike's yoga journey began 6 years ago when he was encouraged by a good friend to try it out. After a couple of classes, he was hooked -- and shocked -- at how physically and mentally challenging the practice was. Mike suffered from a dislocated shoulder for nearly 5 years. He was told he would never have full range of movement ever again. After his first year of a dedicated yoga practice, his shoulders were stronger than they had ever been before. Mike believes that yoga is a great way to build functional strength in the body - not to mention a healthy way to eliminate stress and focus the mind. After completing CorePower's teacher training, Mike started teaching right away. His class is physically challenging with an emphasis on breath and fun! Read the profile >>

Tyrone Beverly


Tyrone L. Beverly, founder and Executive Director of Im'Unique, has been leading this type of community programming since 2009 and recently formed the organization in 2012 based on its popularity and demand. He has taught yoga for over 10 years and his extreme passion for equality, humans rights, diversity, unity, physical and social health has lead him to become one of Denver’s leading advocates in health and wellness. He is both nationally and internationally known for his work in the yoga sector and his influence in the community. This genuine passion has lead him to become one of the leading advocates in health and wellness and its social frame work for over a decade. Tyrone seeks to increasingly reach the global community as was successfully accomplished through his health... Read the profile >>