Denver : Cherry Creek

Tyrone Beverly

Tyrone L. Beverly, founder and Executive Director of Im'Unique, has been leading this type of community programming since 2009 and recently formed the organization in 2012 based on its popularity and demand. He has taught yoga for over 10 years and his extreme passion for equality, humans rights, diversity, unity, physical and social health has lead him to become one of Denver’s leading advocates in health and wellness. He is both nationally and internationally known for his work in the yoga sector and his influence in the community. This genuine passion has lead him to become one of
the leading advocates in health and wellness and its social frame work for over a decade.

Tyrone seeks to increasingly reach the global community as was successfully accomplished through his health initiative at the Ragamuffin summer camp in Settlement Jamaica and Wudang China. Mr Beverly’s enthusiasm and energy has continued to supersede stereotypes and create avenues to permeate social and cultural barriers. The culmination of Beverly’s life work, serves as a foundation that represents his vision of a future, with more problem solvers and solution based thinkers that deal with the challenges we all face as a society. Which he believes will create a better life experience for all people.