Des Moines : Des Moines Showroom

Ryan Esdohr

Yoga Teacher, Dad, and barefoot junkie.

Outside of that I also own Iowa Powered Yoga in Urbandale, Iowa. I believe there are two worlds the one that was and the one that is I am here to embrace the NOW! For me the greatest tragedy is to not be heard, felt, or seen. That is why I started Iowa Powered Yoga to give a platform to greatness. As much as I love having the conversation of living life to the fullest I’m more obsessed with is what you are willing to sacrifice to pursue your passions. My biggest yoga teacher is curiousity it’s been that nudge to be fearless, brave, compassionate, and careless. It answers the most important question for me of “what will happen if I do this…” Beyond that I love to see new places, explore different restaurants, and live life by a different quote everyday.