Durham : Streets at Southpoint

Sommer Sobin


Sommer Sobin is a certified Anusara Yoga Instructor who resides with her husband (also an Anusara instructor) and baby daughter in Chapel Hill, NC. Along with teaching weekly local classes, national workshops and extended trainings, Sommer's passion is guiding aspiring yoga teachers in developing their own unique and authentic expression of sharing the love of yoga to their students. She has served on the board of the Anusara Yoga Certification Review Board since 2007 and has mentored many students through the rigorous certification process. In Sommer's classes, you will feel how deeply committed she is to assisting each person recognizing the deepest truth of the light within. She also offers insight and guidance from years of other studies in herbal medicine, energetic healing, nutrition, and self transformation work. She bows to her teachers in all the forms they take and have taken over the years. Visit her website at thousandpetalsyoga.com.