Galleria Edina

Darcy Franklin

Tangletown CrossFit

Darcy does what she does because when someone leaves her gym, they leave feeling better than when they arrived. "Fun is the goal, fitness is the result" is her mantra and always has been when approaching something that might not seem to be fun. She used to be a middle school science teacher and used the same approach with her students. Darcy made science fun when other teachers didn't make the effort to do so. Darcy opened the doors to Tangletown CrossFit on October of 2011. It has and continues to be one of her favorite places to be in that she has created a place to play and belong. She thrives in her CrossFit Community because she is invested in a fun and productive atmosphere. Darcy is totally present with participants and gets her kicks when either giving a cue that works or... Read the profile >>