Jason Morris

I started my journey and career as a professional dancer, performing all around the world, ever striving to perfect the way my body moved. Unfortunately my body began to fail on me and my knees gave up. I thought my world was crumbling around me, I couldn’t do what I once could and decided it was time to retire, at 30 years old!!! It was then that my sister in-law introduced me to yoga. My first class was the first day of a 30 day challenge. I thought “What did I get myself into?” But within months my knees were healing, I was getting my flexibility back, I was losing weight and gaining awareness and compassion. For years I practiced casually, but as time went on, my mind would always come back to the mat and all it was giving me. I was more content, more aware, more engaged in... Read the profile >>

Joe Lomnicki

To me yoga is not something I do, it’s how I live; it’s not something I teach, but rather what I share. From my very first class in the fall of 2010, I knew there was something special about it; I often say, “It spoke to me like nothing before.” After a lifetime of competitive sports, hockey, track & field, mountain biking, rodeo, pounding heavy weights in the gym, and hard living including 16+ yrs. of football up to, and including, CFL training camps and practice rosters, injuries were taking a great toll on not only my physical body but mental state, as well with 3 major knee reconstructions, multiple concussions and spinal fusion; I had no idea what was to come once I started this amazing new journey of peace and softness. Like most athletes, my yoga practice... Read the profile >>

Leanne Tomanek

As a yoga teacher, I often tell my students that each class is different - will be a journey and you'll discover something new about yourself every time you come to the mat. Let go and see where your class will take you. When I attended my first yoga class in 2003, in the basement of our public library with my family by my side, there was no way I could fathom where my journey will be taking me. Exploring Ashtanga yoga, I enjoyed the physical aspect of the practice. While attending schooling for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in 2005, my sister suggested I try a Bikram Yoga class - let's just say it didn't really work out that well. I gave it some time, let go of that first class and tried again. As they say timing is everything and my second encounter was a far different... Read the profile >>

Simon Bennett

Simon Bennett is a prominent expert in the field personal fitness and high performance conditioning and has changed the lives of countless clients with his relentless commitment to training and education. He works and consults with a long list of high profile business leaders, CEOs and professional athletes. As the president and co- founder of Body by Bennett a “premiere” professional health, wellness and professional training facility, he is currently the Director of strength and conditioning to the Edmonton Oilers providing strategic high performance training iniatitives to N.H.L. players and young athletes. Simon has made significant contributions to the fitness industry and sport performance training co creating the innovative movement training instructional DVD video for... Read the profile >>

Yvonne Walter

Moksha Yoga

I have traveled, met many amazing people, experienced fun adventures, and learned so much along the way. And through all this my passion for teaching yoga has blossomed and only gotten stronger. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to India in 2010, for Moksha Yoga Training, and spend time with an incredible group of individuals where I got to be immersed in a magical culture, live yoga everyday, and encounter a journey of self-discovery. In 2012, I traveled to Sedona, Arizona to deepen my own practice and grow as a teacher under the guidance of Baron Baptiste. This Level 1 training was absolutely incredible and has changed my life! In 2013 I attended Level 2 in Tulum, Mexico and it rocked my world! I am beaming with excitement and cannot wait for my next... Read the profile >>