Edmonton : Kingsway

Amy Coppens

Growing up in Edmonton, I have always been passionate about sports. As a young girl I was playing every sport I could get my hands on, at times shuttling from dance to football practice. As I got older I focused my energy and drive on soccer, playing at the elite club level, both premier and major league and on to the varsity level. Following university, living on the west coast in Victoria I developed a passion for running along the ocean which turned quickly into training and competing in half marathons and marathons. As I looked to push myself again I took on triathlon training 3 years ago. After completing 3 Half-Ironman’s I went on to accomplish my goal of completing Ironman Canada in 2013 in Whistler, BC. Currently I focus my training on triathlon training, while always looking for new goals to crush, one of them being to complete the Canadian Death Race as a soloist in 2014, and qualify for Ironman World Championships in Kona by 2016.
As a trainer I am passionate about working with all fitness levels and abilities, everyone has to start somewhere and I am inspired every day by the community members at Blitz Conditioning as they crush their goals on the daily. I love setting meaningful goals with my clients and working with them to get to what they want out of their workout and their life.

I came to Blitz knowing that this was what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to work with people and help people realize goals they may have otherwise not thought possible. I chose Blitz because I believed in their community oriented approach and loved the passion that I felt from all of the trainers. Fitness is a way of life for me. I believe that we were given these bodies and we should use them! The benefits of regular activity are too numerous to count and I honestly believe that lives are more enriched when we find a way to incorporate fitness into them. “You are only one workout away from a good mood.”