Southgate Centre

Kendall Barber

Poppy Barley

Being fit, competitive and healthy has always been important to me. Growing up, I played team sports enjoying the camaraderie of winning/losing together. After university, I needed an individual sport where I could train, challenge and inspire myself. I wanted flexibility to practice any place, any time, without any excuses. You can always run. So, I became a runner. Many miles later I was racing half marathons and marathons; getting faster with each race. I run in “the gap” - the space between competitive and recreational runners. I enjoy the thrill of winning races, but mostly I show up to conquer my goals. I live and run in the northern city of Edmonton, Alberta, where the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America is my running playground. I run year-round in... Read the profile >>

Lindsey Park

Yogalife Studios - South

My yoga practice began in 2003 when I was searching for ways to bring some balance into my life. From my very first class, it was yoga everyday, and everyday yoga opened a new door for me. Physically I started to know myself better, emotionally I was beginning to understand, and the connection I felt as I started to tap into my energetic body was mind blowing! I was falling madly in love with this beautiful and revealing practice. After about 4 years into my love affair with yoga, I crushed my ankle in a skydiving accident, and was devastated at the thought of not being able to practice. Through my recovery, yoga was the only thing that kept me going. Since I was unable to weight bare, I deepened my meditation practice, and used pranayama to find balance within my energetic... Read the profile >>

Megan Clark

Barre Body Studio

I have always been active and loved trying new sports, classes and workouts. I quickly learned that I am not a gym girl and love group workouts and classes. I fell in love with hot yoga but always felt like I needed to do more. I started looking to other classes to supplement my practice, after reading about Barre in magazines and fitness blogs I finally got to try a class in Calgary and I was hooked. It was everything I was looking for. It was during that first class, I decided that I had to share Barre with Edmonton. After completing two training courses and months of practice it was finally time to share Barre with everyone. I love seeing the faces of people who try barre for first time and are shocked by how challenging it is. I am constantly learning to expand my knowledge to... Read the profile >>

Teresa Byer

Moksha Yoga South

I first started going to yoga classes to heal my body from a serious accident that affected my spine and jaw. The physical benefits came quickly, as I’d hoped, but I began to see that yoga would become much more to me than purely a physical practice. I’ve studied Power Vinyasa with Baron Baptiste and Seane Corn, and the Rocket with Asta Yoga, and am so grateful for the guidance and wisdom of all of my beautiful teachers. I believe that this practice is a study of the self. As we come to know our body, mind and breath, we come closer to knowing who we really are. I believe that we step off of our mat the best version of our self, with greater awareness of who we are and what we are putting out into the world around us. I have true love for this practice and feel so blessed to... Read the profile >>