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Lindsey Park


My yoga practice began in 2003 when I was searching for ways to bring some balance into my life. From my very first class, it was yoga everyday, and everyday yoga opened a new door for me. Physically I started to know myself better, emotionally I was beginning to understand, and the connection I felt as I started to tap into my energetic body was mind blowing!

I was falling madly in love with this beautiful and revealing practice.

After about 4 years into my love affair with yoga, I crushed my ankle in a skydiving accident, and was devastated at the thought of not being able to practice. Through my recovery, yoga was the only thing that kept me going. Since I was unable to weight bare, I deepened my meditation practice, and used pranayama to find balance within my energetic self. When I was able physically, I began to slowly integrate asana back into my practice. It was during my time of recovery when I began to research teacher trainings, and found the prefect 200-hr training at the perfect time, in the summer of 2008 with Yogi Vishvketu and the World Conscious Yoga Family. I have continued my journey of unearthing new knowledge in workshops and trainings along the way with many ridiculously inspiring humans. I completed my second training with Ally Bogard in 2012, and obtained my Rocket Yoga certification in the spring of 2013.

For the last few years I have been working as Studio Director at Yogalife Studios, and feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity learn all aspects of the business of yoga, while continuing to teach, which is where my true love and passion lives. My yoga career has also assisted in my progress as I move towards one of my goals, and will be leading my first teacher training in the summer of 2014. With my experience as studio and program director at Yogalife, I have had the chance to lead a group of amazing teachers, and have embraced their individuality and always encourage them to teach from their heart. It has been very impactful for me to be able to watch these teachers grow and evolve, and is the reason why my goal to lead a teacher training became of such high importance to me.

The one thing that always keeps me grounded, is knowing that I am forever a student. I choose to look at every opportunity and experience as a way to learn, grow, and evolve so that I can continue to move towards my own truth. I am blessed, honored, and humbled to be where I am in life, and know that my dedication to fulfilling my goals, and my personal intentions manifested this reality for me. I say regularly that I am living the dream, and it is my purpose to encourage others to discover their truth, as everyone deserves to live in that same light.

Hari Om

To always see the positive no matter what the situation
To live my truth & inspire others to discover theirs
To gain knowledge and continue my own personal evolution