Edmonton : Southgate Centre

Megan Clark


I have always been active and loved trying new sports, classes and workouts. I quickly learned that I am not a gym girl and love group workouts and classes. I fell in love with hot yoga but always felt like I needed to do more. I started looking to other classes to supplement my practice, after reading about Barre in magazines and fitness blogs I finally got to try a class in Calgary and I was hooked. It was everything I was looking for.
It was during that first class, I decided that I had to share Barre with Edmonton. After completing two training courses and months of practice it was finally time to share Barre with everyone. I love seeing the faces of people who try barre for first time and are shocked by how challenging it is. I am constantly learning to expand my knowledge to share with both instructors and clients. It gives me so much pleasure to be able to do what I love and share it with everybody. Barre Body Studio is just as much a family as a studio and I am so thankful to all our clients that choose to spend their time with us.