West Edmonton Mall

Afsheen Peyrow

The Yoga Loft

Afsheen’s Yoga practice began at nine years old. To help him sleep his mother (and first teacher,) would guide him through mediation. This habitual visualization allowed Afsheen not only to understand his body but also how to focus. Being able to visualize the anatomy naturally lead Afsheen to the physical practice of Yoga. He later completed a three year apprenticeship at The Yoga Loft. There he witnessed the diversity of Yoga practitioners and how each person, at all different levels, adapts to the same practice. Afsheen has been practicing Hatha Yoga postures for eleven years under the guidance of Rameen Peyrow. In addition, he spent time in Mysore, India with Sri K. Patabhi Jois. Also in India he attended workshops with the current Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute director, Sharath... Read the profile >>

Angela Zawada

Moksha Yoga Edmonton

Angela Zawada Studio Owner, Director, Moksha Instructor Angela has been involved in team sports her whole life. Coming from a farm in Ontario, she travelled to Alberta 13 years ago to University of Alberta, where she played on the pandas volleyball team. Angela began practicing yoga about 10 years ago, as a supplement to her volleyball training and fell in love with the healing aspects of hot yoga. Angela has successfully trained and gained valuable experience at Moksha Level 1 (2006) and Moksha Level 2 (2008). Because of her background and passion for athletics and power she sought further training in Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Levels 1, 2, The G.R.E.A.T Program and most recently The Rocket Training in Sonoma, California. The combination of Angela's accomplished athletic... Read the profile >>

Jana Derges

Noorish & Shanti

“I feel like I started teaching yoga life times ago. Nothing in my life has flowed so smoothly, like I’ve simply remembered my passion. I am a soul who is playful, honest and real. I truly want to help the world be happy. I believe people are designed to love, smile and move. The Sanskrit word “Shri” means beauty. I hope to inspire others to ‘See the Shri’ in everything! Feb 2008, I broke my back in a snowboarding accident. Life came to a screeching halt. I instantly embraced my new reality. My community quickly came together with full support. The injury created space to reflect on my life’s path and really think about where I’m headed. To be honest, it was a really cool experience. The past two years have been a huge period of growth and transition for my spirit. I... Read the profile >>

Kenna Kaklin

The Yoga Den

My journey with yoga all started with a dare: "betcha can't ever do the splits!" and wow, I am eternally grateful to the person that challenged me! Not because I can now do the splits, but because my relationship with yoga continues to transform my life. I feel grateful to have completed my Ashtanga Vinyasa Training with Larry and Marie Schultz, and my Sattva training with Rameen Peyrow. The journey of yoga is different for everyone- people pave their own road with their own unique bodies, spirits and experiences. I believe this path is more beautiful and rewarding when yoga is involved. Yoga means "union", I love the unity that yoga brings to my life- on physical, mental, spiritual and inter-personal levels. We are all unique, yet yoga brings us together! I am grateful to... Read the profile >>