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Afsheen Peyrow


Afsheen’s Yoga practice began at nine years old. To help him sleep his mother (and first teacher,) would guide him through mediation. This habitual visualization allowed Afsheen not only to understand his body but also how to focus. Being able to visualize the anatomy naturally lead Afsheen to the physical practice of Yoga. He later completed a three year apprenticeship at The Yoga Loft. There he witnessed the diversity of Yoga practitioners and how each person, at all different levels, adapts to the same practice. Afsheen has been practicing Hatha Yoga postures for eleven years under the guidance of Rameen Peyrow. In addition, he spent time in Mysore, India with Sri K. Patabhi Jois. Also in India he attended workshops with the current Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute director, Sharath Rangaswami. Afsheen has had the privilege of practicing under senior teachers Tim Miller, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane.

Afsheen has also completed a 200 hour Sattva Foundational Teacher training (RYS/YA certified.) He has taught in Yoga studios, private homes as well as in corporate settings internationally.

Afsheen has found Yoga to help remove negative mental, physical and emotional patterns. Once these patterns have been realized the practitioner is then able to systematically remove them through practice. This liberation leaves behind one’s true nature and authentic self.