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Jana Derges


“I feel like I started teaching yoga life times ago. Nothing in my life has flowed so smoothly, like I’ve simply remembered my passion. I am a soul who is playful, honest and real. I truly want to help the world be happy. I believe people are designed to love, smile and move. The Sanskrit word “Shri” means beauty. I hope to inspire others to ‘See the Shri’ in everything!
Feb 2008, I broke my back in a snowboarding accident. Life came to a screeching halt. I instantly embraced my new reality. My community quickly came together with full support. The injury created space to reflect on my life’s path and really think about where I’m headed. To be honest, it was a really cool experience. The past two years have been a huge period of growth and transition for my spirit. I turned to what I know to heal body, mind and soul: Yoga. The first month home, yoga asana didn’t look like what I was used to doing, but I knew I needed to move. Two and half months later, I was back in a studio.
I had been practicing yoga for years, but with all this, I had a hunger to understand how it all works at a deeper level. I took Gaiatri’s Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training where I had my first glimpse of Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment (UPA’s) at a deeper level. Through steady, mindful practice applying the UPA’s - my back is better than ever! My long time teachers – Ally Bogard and Trevor Yelich, teach from their hearts with full joy and passion. In turn they have helped me brush the dust of my heart and rediscover my passion. I have been studying Anusara Yoga and will very soon be licensed to teach “Anusara Inspired” classes. Many of my Anusara training hours are with the founder himself, John Friend. Over my studentship I have practiced Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara, Vipassana Meditation and whatever style of yoga various teachers have presented to me from their hearts. I hope I can share my heart with you through this beautifully diverse practice of yoga.
If you’re interested in reading more check out www.janasyogaspot.blogspot.com.”

Goals: To inspire people to smile more often, take the time to stare at the clouds and the stars, get people to use their imaginations the way they did when they were kids, help people to remember their own awesomeness and facilitate a Rememberance in people as to why they manifested into this human life!
I also want to lead workshops, retreats and one day facilitate teacher trainings. One day I plan to convert my house in Saskatoon into a donation based yoga studio that runs in deep deep service to the local community.