the 'a' to 'z' of product features

Fabric constructions and technologies


Brushing is a mechanical treatment that gives fabrics an oh-so-soft and fuzzy texture as well as a warm hand feel. If you haven’t tried our Rulu™ or brushed Power Luxtreme™ fabrics, well, get ready to get cozy.


Being two-faced isn’t always a bad thing. We engineer some of our fabrics with two faces so we can use both sides of the fabric. Pants that can never be inside out?! Sounds like a win-win.


Textured fabrics still deliver the same performance as our signature fabrics but may have a slightly different look, fit or hand-feel. We love to get wild and play with new textures. Herringbone, Picque, ribbing, Denim, Gingham … these are just a few of our favourites.


Short for Durable Water Repellent finish, this fabric enhancement is found on many of our jackets and helps keep you dry on your way to getting sweaty.


Our Silverescent® technology inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria on the garment.

Fabric features


360° reflectivity

We want to stay visible when we’re running but we would rather not look like a pylon so ... we design run gear with 360° reflectivity. These reflective details are discreet during the day and bright at night.


block-it pocket™

Water-resistant Block-It Pocket technology on our back zipper pockets helps keep your essentials secure and dry when you’re working up a sweat.


We’ve determined where our bodies need the most air circulation and wicking, and have strategically placed technical fabrics in these areas.

built-in support tank

A bra built into a workout tank that allows for more freedom of movement and unrestricted support. These tanks come with cup pockets to hold removable cups.

built-in liner

You’ll find built-in liners in some of our shorts and skirts. These liners are designed to wick sweat and keep you covered. Don’t worry! They are also designed to stay put.



There's no way around it: chafing is a bummer. We design with flat and bonded seams, seamless fabrics and elastic on the outside of hems so that extra fabric and stitching aren't rubbing against your body.

cinchable hem

We've added a continuous drawcord to the hems of some of our crops and pants so you can easily adjust the length.

coin pocket

Our men’s pants have pockets for, you guessed it, coins.

continuous drawcords

Washing machines have a voracious appetite for lone socks, bra underwires and drawcords. We've added continuous drawcords to some of our shorts, crops and pants, effectively taking those drawcords off the laundry lunch list.


A super handy feature to help keep your hands warm on chilly days. The cuffs have an extra flap that folds over your fingers, like built in mittens, to help keep your fingers toasty warm.


emergency hair ties

Picture it … you get to class and then you realize … you don’t have a hair tie. We've been there, so we added hidden hair ties on some of the zippers found on our jackets and bags.



Gussets are the unsung heroes in the fight against our infamous foe camel toe. These pieces of fabric are sewn between the legs for greater freedom of movement and to prevent tight fitting shorts, pants, or crops from riding up.


laser cutting

We use lasers to cut patterns into garments for venting as well as to finish and shape some of our hem edges. It sounds scary but it’s totally safe and totally awesome.


media manager

A media pocket with a cord exit to allow for easy hands-free sweat sessions and a headphone guide to strategically clip cords into place ensure your music player doesn't act like a runaway dog on a leash.



Smooth, chafe-resistant Nakedseam™ technology uses bonded seams technology instead of stitching so you don’t get rubbed the wrong way.


removable cups

Removable cups are great for a couple of very important reasons: they add shape (goodbye uniboob) and the coverage can really be a lifesaver on those unexpectedly brisk morning runs.


set-my-ponytail-free™ window

If you've got long hair, you'll know the situation: a massive Princess Leia-like bulge hiding under your hood. We created the set-my-ponytail-free™ window to guide your mane through the back of your hood and into the elements.



Thumbholes solve a multitude of cold weather sins. They help keep your sleeves in place when you're moving or putting another layer over the top. They can also keep your hands warm and eliminate the icy gap between the bottom of your sleeves and your gloves.


zipper garage

Parking your car in a garage helps avoid unwanted scratches. Parking your zipper in its garage (a fold of soft fabric around the end of the zipper) helps avoid scratched or irritated chins.