Evanston : Sherman Plaza

Bridgett Piacenti

North Shore Yoga

Bridget was introduced to yoga when she and her best friend signed-up for a Hatha Yoga class at the Sheil Park District in Chicago so they could get together once a week. Attending the class once a week led to twice a week, which then led to three times a week... and quite immediately she knew she was "hooked". Soon after she read an article on Ashtanga yoga and was given the name, Suddha Weixler, founder of the Chicago Yoga Center (formerly N.U. Yoga Center). She then began studying Ashtanga under his guidance, completed his Teacher Training Course, and began teaching Ashtanga.

Bridgett and her husband, Neil, eventually moved to Evanston. The move "out of the city" brought her to Sharyn Galindo and North Shore Yoga. When Bridgett became pregnant and gave birth to her son, Rocco, and later to her daughter, Prima, she practiced Intermediate and Primary Series daily up until the days she delivered under the loving guidance of Bill Shapleigh and Sharyn Galindo (who had been down this journey before her). Rocco and Prima are truly "yoga" babies!

Bridgett has studied with Lino Miele, Manju Jois, and Tim Miller. She honors anyone who finds or makes the time to step on his/her mat to practice. Her spirit is colored with a sense of discipline and patience. She is forever a student and you can often hear her encouragingly saying to students (and herself) "it will come".

Class Schedule: North Shore Yoga
Wednesday 9:30AM - 11:15AM: Mysore Style Ashtanga
Saturday 8:30AM - 10:15: Mysore Style Ashtanga
Sunday 3:30PM - 4:45: Ashtanga Primary Series