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Ambassador Matt Blankenship

I am a runner who was looking for a way to supplement his running with strength training. After being sidelined several times by injury, I was in need of a serious overhaul in my training regimen. I read about different forms of cross training in running magazines and on the internet but was unable to find a program that I could stick with. I found mild success with some barbell programs but those required too much time. Instead of spending hours a week at a gym and working only a few muscle groups each day, I searched for something quick, efficient and something that would work the entire body.

A friend suggested I try kettlebell and a year and a half later, I was the newest RKC certified instructor at Tennessee Kettlebell. The gains I have seen since starting kettlebell have been quantifiable and qualifiable. I have seen improvements in cardiovascular health, upper body strength, core and rotational stability, strength endurance, posture, and overall work capacity.

After discovering all of the benefits from kettlebell training, I decided to attend the gold standard of kettlebell instructor training, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. Six months of training for three days of certification may seem like a lot of work, but the RKC demands excellence in athletic performance and the skill of teaching.

I am passionate about fitness and creating new habits in nutrition and exercise that will help form the foundation for a healthy, active lifestyle.