Atlanta : Perimeter Mall

Samentha Carpenter

Samentha grew up in Bavaria, Germany and is a first generation immigrant to the United States. Her family moved to upstate NY at age 10, where she learned English and quickly became aware of the cultural differences that separated her from her peers. She bridged the language barrier by diving into organized sports. She found that basketball would be the closest substitute to replacing her beloved handball team left behind in Germany. Multiple moves later, Sam and her family ended up in Atlanta where she attended school and cultivated her passion for theater. Sports started to take a backseat, and Sam entered the workforce right after school where fitness fell by the way side. At age 25, Sam found herself in a quarter life crisis. Taking care of herself physically and spiritually fell to the bottom of her list of priorities, as her relationship and job pressures took over her life. Starting and stopping a fitness regime became the norm. Before she knew it she woke up at 45% body fat, and weighing in at 205 pounds. Tired and miserable, Sam knew that at 25 no one should feel as helpless and hopeless as she did waking up on a daily basis. So one day, just like that, she decided things would change. Secretly envying the toned and sculpted physiques on the cover of her motivational fitness magazines, she set out on a journey. What started out as a vain pursuit to look like an unrealistic image of what she considered her ideal body type, soon became a journey to live her truest life. With the help and encouragement of friends and fitness professionals along the way, Sam started logging in hours at the gym. Health, fitness, and eating whole fully became a passion. The weight started to come off, but that just became an awesome side product to the changes that took place internally along with her new perspective on how life could be. After taking countless fitness classes such as Blast 900, Crossfit, yoga, indoor spinning, swimming, rock climbing etc., she found her love for running through the Chattachoochee Road Runners. One long run Saturday and the mythical runners high later, she was hooked. One foot in front of another she became a runner. After not even being able to finishing a mile without stopping to walk, Sam ran her first half-marathon in 1hr 57min. Crediting a “Paleoish” diet lifestyle, in 3 years she lost 75 pounds and stays around 15% body fat. Sam also became and instructor with The American Boot Camp Company where she is known as one of the fast ones. Always trying new ways to stay active, the one thing that has always remained constant is her love for running. Calling it her moving mediation, Sam pounds the pavement around the streets of Atlanta in races, with friends, on solo runs or at run club at lululemon athletica perimeter.