Atlanta : Howell Mill

Adam Gill (Alumni)

The year was 1997. A small, swealtering room where the walls were content to sweat just as much as the athletes who trained within them is where Adam Gill was first introduced to the world of combat sports. Twelve men, one door, zero windows: this modest den is where Adam began his training in Western Boxing. Professional boxers and ex-title contenders as his first sparring partners. In 1998 Adam moved to Atlanta, GA to pursue his boxing career where he then met up with 5x Muay Thai World Champion Khunpon Dechkampu. Adam immediately took to the new style in fighting and did something unheard of: after less than 3 months of training with Khunpon he won the South East Middle Weight Amatuer Tiltle in 2002. While also continuing his boxing training under Chris Johnson (1992 Bronze Medalist in Barcelona Olympics), Adam also won a silver medal at the Georgia games in 2004. In 2006, Adam underwent a major open heart surgery that forced him to refrain from continuing his fighting career but it has not stopped him from getting back up and getting back in the ring with his team mates. "The fight is still much alive in me...let's see what God has in store for my future, I'm so psyched to be working with the best at what we do here at Bangkok Boxing and I know that if I decide to fight again, with God's strength and my team beside me, I will get to my victory doctor just can't know about it!", Adam says. Adam is now a dedicated coach and personal trainer at Bangkok Boxing training beginners and amateurs to professional level athletes and competitors.