Atlanta : Howell Mill

Lis Saunders (Alumni)

Lis grew up outside of Tampa, Florida, doing gymnastics, cheerleading and playing softball. After a severe injury resulting in full reconstructive surgery on her right knee, her doctor recommended she take up cross-training as her primary form of fitness.

Lis' life changed dramatically when her friend Jenny introduced her to CrossFit in 2009. CrossFit workouts and the Paleo diet didn't just help her lose body fat and gain muscle; she also lost the need for prescription medications, gained strength, confidence, and even better a community of amazing friends.

Lis has always loved working with people. As a former cheerleading and softball coach, the transition into coaching CrossFit was a natural one. Now I've been coaching CrossFit and personal training since 2010, and I love helping people reach their goals, conquer their fears and develop mental toughness. After coaching boot camps and working in other Atlanta CrossFit gyms, it's my dream come true to open CrossFit Midtown. I look forward to building a healthier Midtown community, one student at a time.