Atlanta : Howell Mill

Malia Hilliard (Alumni)

Malia was introduced to yoga by her father at 15 after injuring her back jumping off an 80 foot waterfall. Over twenty years later, she still integrates her yoga practice into every aspect of her life, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes. Having used yoga to heal many injuries since she began her practice as a teenager, Malia’s love of yoga and profound understanding of alignment and breath technique help her students to break through physical, mental, even emotional barriers that restrict personal growth and ultimate wellness.

Malia is a skilled teacher who creates fun, safe, powerful, and multilayered classes inviting students to find new ways to open and strengthen every part of their being. Having spent ten years in Los Angeles studying with and teaching beside some of the best Yoga Instructors in the world, Malia has created quite a name for herself. She acquired several sponsorships, including one from Nike, modeled for ads and catalogs with companies like Prana and Marika Apparel, and became one of LA’s prominent teachers. After traveling extensively and teaching yoga on a global level, Malia moved to Atlanta, GA to help cultivate a solid yoga community in the South East and hopes to manifest her dream of opening a wellness retreat center in the Caribbean.