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Melinda Mestre


Originally from Upstate New York, Melinda is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Georgia and has her Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Degrees in Psychology. She had spent a majority of her career in the social services field as an investigator, before committing herself full time to fitness. Melinda’s journey into fitness began in the basement of her childhood home by doing exercise video tapes in front of her TV. From that moment, Melinda became instantly hooked.

While enjoying the sense of accomplishment after a good sweat session, Melinda wanted to share her love of fitness with others. Teaching group fitness classes seemed like the logical next step, however, her nervousness in front of a group was almost unbearable. Eventually developing a sense of comfort and humor in a group fitness setting to combat her anxiety, Melinda began teaching kickboxing after a serious push from a seasoned group fitness instructor. Hungry for more, Melinda expanded her classes to include Body Pump, Indoor Cycle, and strength training formats.

In addition to teaching classes, Melinda decided to try running and Pilates to add some variety to her fitness regime. Beginning with 5K races, Melinda now runs several half marathons a year. She then stumbled upon BLAST 900 and Pure Barre and it was love at first sight and changed her life forever. BLAST 900 incorporated Melinda’s true loves, strength training and running, while Pure Barre added small isometric movements that were addictive and guaranteed to lift, tone, and burn her body in ways Melinda never imagined.

Determined to change her body further, Melinda completed the BLASTLife Nutrition Program that was offered by BLAST 900. In six months, she had lost 29 pounds and 12% body fat. The results were amazing, shearing oven ten minutes of her half marathon finish time. Enjoying Pure Barre so much and wanting to share her passion with others, Melinda became a Pure Barre instructor in June, 2012. Outside of the Pure Barre studio, you will find Melinda at BLAST 900, running on the Silver Comet Trail in Smyrna, or taking a Yin Yoga class.