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Ali Staloch

Invoke Yoga

I began practicing yoga with Bikram classes and I instantly fell in love. I then expanded my practice to Power Flow and the rest is history! I love teaching Power Flow because of the freedom it gives you to be playful and imaginative. I sequence my classes with an emphasis on creativity, strength and stability while maintaining ease and grace within the poses. One of my favorite poses is Bakasana, Crow Pose. Not only is it a beautiful pose, but it truly emphasizes the need for physical and mental stability. I love teaching Crow Pose to students for the first time. It conjures a strength that we often did not know was there and unlocks such playfulness and curiosity. I am so grateful that Lulu has come to Gilroy! The staff is amazing and it is such a wonderful way to start a... Read the profile >>

Dolores Kent

Dolores is an Anusara-Inspired certified yoga teacher. She started her yoga practice in 1995 and has been in the fitness industry since 1989. She studied Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga until she found her home in Anusara Yoga. Her mission in her yoga classes is to create a peaceful, safe and healing environment so students of all ages and abilities can have fun, feel good and cultivate self awareness in their practice. Dolores classes integrate body movement with breath awareness, flexibility with strength and relaxing into the moment. She brings profound enthusiasm and knowledge into her teaching. Read the profile >>

Nick Fortino

Yoga Bella and Gold's Gym Gilroy

My name is Nick Fortino. I have worked as a personal trainer since 2006, and have formally studied kinesiology and psychology. I am devoted to learning about what a person must do, and how a person must be, to live healthily and harmoniously. I find all the answers in Yoga. I am trained in Ashtanga Yoga, which is an eight-limbed system that cultivates stability, flexibility, strength, and freedom in the body and the mind. My favorite pose is shavasana--some Yogi's say that the whole asana practice is for shavasana. I bow to the profound wisdom of Yoga, and it is an honor to bring the teachings into others' lives. Read the profile >>