Glendale : Americana

Elizabeth Myers

Coming from a background in dance, I am a mover by nature and have a deep respect for weaving the heart and mind into movement. In 2010 a friend brought me to my first Anusara® class. At the time, I was transitioning out of a dance career and seeking to find a deeper connection to life. It was one of the most important decisions I have ever made and I am forever grateful. As a long time Pilates instructor, discovering the Universal Principles of Alignment was like being given a key to the mysteries of the physical form. That, coupled with Anusara’s deep connection to the heart, not only transformed my own body, but more importantly helped me connect to the divine consciousness within. We are all unique expressions of the divine and as a teacher I am humbled and inspired by watching each individual navigate their path to the heart. I am eternally grateful to my teachers Tony Giuliano, Paul Muller Ortega, Douglas Brooks and John Friend for sharing their gifts and paving the way for so many others.