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Erika Hall

Coach Erika builds community through her joys and passions for yoga and running. Never a runner growing up, she took to the Boston pavement in her mid-twenties. Around the same time she was introduced to yoga. She found similarities between the two in the mind/body/spirit connection. While a Nike Ambassador for the Human 10k Race in Austin, TX, Erika started incorporating yoga stretches into her post-run cool down routine. She saw an increase speed, turnover, flexibility, and energy as well as a decrease in recovery time. Not only did yoga improve her running, but also running became a moving meditation. Having already obtained her Mat Pilates certification, she sought her yoga teacher certification from Dharma Yoga, a Buddhist based yoga studio based in Austin, TX. She recently completed her Good Form Running Certification with New Balance.

Erika now lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Andy, and black cat, Trixie. She is currently a Running Ambassador for lululemon athletic. Tuesday and Thursday nights you can find her at
A Runner’s Circle’s Fun Runs where she also leads a post-run Yoga 4 Runners cool down. During the week, she is the Director of Marketing for All About You! Wellness BootCamp as well as coach for their Nutrition for WEIGHT LOSS participants. She is currently working on developing a Yoga for Runners 5k Training Program and establishing classes/workshops throughout the Los Angeles area.

In her free time, Erika enjoys playing outside, scratching the surface of LA, delighting in the farmer’s market, making up recipes, reading recommend books, and living loudly.