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Allison Lindquist

Allison Lindquist, author of Yatra - The Journey and The Yatra Path 21 Day Workbook, is a leader in the healing arts movement. For more than twenty years, she has been a highly respected spiritual speaker, instructor, as well as a pioneer in taking the yoga philosophy teachings beyond studio walls and into everyday modern life. Her training includes a BS from University of Georgia in Family Development, an extensive yoga certification through the Living Yoga program at Barsana Dham, and it continues as a Disciple to Paramahansa Yogananda's teachings of Kriya Yoga. Allison is the creator of Hot Yatra Yoga, a spiritually infused dynamic yoga practice, in addition she leads a yearly Hot Yatra Yoga teacher certification program that develops yoga instructors with a profound understanding of of the traditional yoga methods, as well as uncovers the students active soul. Allison owns and operates two Hot Yatra Yoga studios in South Carolina and currently additional Hot Yatra Yoga studios have opened in the North Carolina Region. As a dynamic and entertaining speaker, she helps others see the lightness of their beings through laughter, she uses common sense wisdom instead of judgment and embraces spiritual simplicity without infringing upon personal belief systems. Allison inspires you to participate in creating who you are and directly points towards a path the entire world should consider.