Greenville : Greenville SC Showroom

Lauren Wilson

Lauren was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. She began her ballet career at the age of three and continued on this path of dancing and performing throughout high school and during her four years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As part of her dancing career, she performed and partnered with professional dancers from various ballet companies throughout the world. Upon graduation from college, Lauren moved to Tampa, FL and began a career in commercial real estate leasing retail properties throughout the state of Florida. She returned to Charlotte a few years later and continued her leasing career with the same company. Upon her return to Charlotte, Pure Barre opened their first studio and after attending class on the very first day Lauren was hooked. She began teaching six months later at the second Charlotte studio opening and is thrilled to have Pure Barre as a part of her life. The technique is proven and it has been truly rewarding to see the changes take place in her own life as well as the client's she meets on a daily basis. Pure Barre brings to her a perfect match coupling her business background and her dance history. Lauren is excited to introduce the Pure Barre workout to the Greenville, SC market and have others experience the benefits of this truly amazing workout!