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Ryan McKie

“It’s so easy for you!” “You make it look so easy!” “Oh, he’ll do great! He always does.” That’s what Ryan has heard his entire life. There were countless hours training with his father or alone, studying for test, preparing. Numerous missed family vacations, missed trips that friends wanted to take. Little did the people who spoke those words know that it wasn’t easy at all!
“If people only knew how hard I work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.” – Michelangelo
Living under that constant pressure to perform and live up to others expectations, Ryan learned to set his own standards high for himself and made hard work a way of life.

Through the many opportunities that participating in competitive sports from the age of 5 through college afforded him, Ryan realized that he wanted to help others improve their quality of life through physical activity and help competitive athletes make the best of all the opportunities sports can provide to get a great education and enhance their lives.

Ryan began his time at QSA as a high school athlete preparing to play college football. By developing a good relationship with Owner Vaughn Bethell, he began working part time in college, while pursuing a degree in Health & Exercise Science at Furman University. From a part time position, to intern, to full time, he has moved “up the ladder” to become the leader of the teamQSA training staff and clientele. He does this through a realistic, educational and inspirational approach that is also supportive and motivational.

Ryan’s principal of training the body as the athletic machine it is designed to be, has helped develop some of the best high school, college and professional athletes in the Upstate and even around the South East Region. He has trained various teams and organizations, not to mention helping the everyday person realize that they can make their body do things that they never believed capable.

What inspires Ryan?
My faith and people who do great things with less than what the average person has.