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Eric Clark

Power Yoga of Cape Cod

Eric Clark is a certified yoga teacher with training in a kripalu based tradition. Eric completed his 200 hour yoga training at the Yoga Alliance recognized Samadhi Yoga Studio in Manchester, Connecticut. He is a nationally certified massage therapist, licensed to practice in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. He is certified in Traditional Thai Massage and recently finished his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Eric’s yoga utilizes a knowledge of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, and exercise science to deliver a demanding physical workout, while drawing on intuition, eastern philosophy, and a connection to spirit through breath to encourage his students to open up to their authentic selves. Read the profile >>

Jennifer Murphy

Open Doors, Balance Studio, and Be Well Studios

To Jennifer, yoga feels like coming home. Coming home to her true, authentic self. Yoga gives her the ability to breathe, connect, and truly express herself. She believes that sharing this divine love is her path. Jennifer completed her 200 hour yoga training through Sanctuary Studios in Plymouth, MA focusing on correct alignment to heal the body. Yoga healed her lower back pain and now she lives without pain, but also with an undeniable peacefulness and mindfulness everyday. She holds a Masters in Teaching from Simmons College and has always loved teaching and connecting with people. Everyday, she wants to help guide students to experience the many transforming benefits of yoga, to find the strength within, and to open to the flow of divine love in their hearts. Her family, her... Read the profile >>

Karen Hirsh

A little bit about Karen, from Karen.. "I’ve been running since I can remember – a “tom boy” on the playground chasing (and catching) the boys and at track in High School. In college running was my stress relief. With running I’ve never been very competitive against others. It’s always been more internal for me - setting a goal and then training. I actually enjoy the training and am one of “those” people who keeps a training schedule and checks off the mileage. When my youngest son turned two I did my first half marathon. I had never considered that distance and felt completely out of my league. What I learned and tell everyone is that “you can do anything you put your mind too. Simply set the goal and do the homework”. In the past 12 years, I’ve... Read the profile >>

Karen Rich

Live Life Believe, Plymouth, MA

As a stay at home mom of four enthusiastic, high energy, and “listening challenged” children who are quite close together in age, Karen needed to find a physically, emotionally and spirtually fulfilling workout all in one... and quickly! She had some extra baby weight and loved to eat so she needed a physically challenging workout that would burn an insane amount of calories. As a stay at home mom in a sort of “Groundhog Day” life, she found herself wanting a mental workout as well. Karen needed to feel like she was striving towards a goal, accomplishing that goal and learning something new. Plus, being her fabulous self, she needed FUN and excitement and to socialize with people! It was also important to avoid doing the same thing every day in order to fulfill her soul. Karen... Read the profile >>

Kim Spear

Balance Studio and Open Doors

I arrived on my mat ten years ago, solely for the physical benefits, or so I thought. A year into my regular practice, things shifted. Yoga transformed from a physical practice to a lifestyle. I graduated from the Open Doors 200hr teaching training program in Braintree, MA in 2005 and have not looked back since. Yoga fosters a deeper level of mindfulness and acceptance, both external and internal. It teaches us to practice and live our lives with purpose and integrity, to be patient and compassionate. My mat is my haven, my friend, my classroom, my confessional, my serenity and often my sanity. My goal as a teacher is to teach the lessons I have so gratefully learned. To guide students to a place of truthfulness with courage and strength, to breathe, to feel and move with intention... Read the profile >>

Kourtney Hartmoyer

In 2002 Kourtney Hartmoyer stumbled in to her first yoga class at a local gym not knowing what to expect. It was love at first asana. Over the years her practice has given her freedom and space to explore not only her physical body, but her spirit. In 2011 she became a 200 hour RYT under the guidance of Vidya Jacqueline Hiesel of Frog Lotus Yoga. Kourtney offers a slow flow of thoughtful sequences designed to allow you experience your own being and its limits in a way that is safe and compassionate. Her classes are soulful, uplifting, and full of encouragement to listen to your own body, and your own heart. Read the profile >>