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Karen Rich


As a stay at home mom of four enthusiastic, high energy, and “listening challenged” children who are quite close together in age, Karen needed to find a physically, emotionally and spirtually fulfilling workout all in one... and quickly!
She had some extra baby weight and loved to eat so she needed a physically challenging workout that would burn an insane amount of calories. As a stay at home mom in a sort of “Groundhog Day” life, she found herself wanting a mental workout as well. Karen needed to feel like she was striving towards a goal, accomplishing that goal and learning something new. Plus, being her fabulous self, she needed FUN and excitement and to socialize with people! It was also important to avoid doing the same thing every day in order to fulfill her soul.
Karen has always loved to dance and insists that she may not be the best dancer, but always has the best time doing it. And that's when Rock UR Body was born! It was created originally for herself selfishly but now she is so in love with the fact that she gets to help people reach their goals and enjoy their life.
Karen says that she has never known what to do with her life and looking back now, she can clearly see Rock UR Body is what she was born to do. She's so grateful for the oppotunity to help others all while doing something that she loves. She feel really blessed in her life in general and is honored to be a lululemon Ambassador. She's confident that the relationship is going to help a lot of people become healthy, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well.