Drummond Williamson

Crossfit 42 South

I'd always enjoyed exercising but didn't ever have a goal or clear direction - I just knew that training made me feel better. After many years in a military gym doing traditional resistance /cardio training I was introduced to CrossFit. The group training environment and attention given to define and measure improvements in fitness really appealed to me. I was also drawn to the intensity of the CrossFit program. I'd always enjoyed a challenge and CrossFit certainly delivered. I'm a strong believer that a fitness program should not just improve your "fitness" but it should improve your life. I am honoured to be surround by athletes who daily inspire me to be a better coach, a better dad and husband and most of all just be better at life. My passion is being able to provide this journey... Read the profile >>

Emma Miley

Loosen Up

I moved to Melbourne at the age of 15 to follow my love for classical ballet. I studied dance, human movement and completed my VCE at the Victorian College of the Arts. After 5 years in Melbourne, dedicating my life and body to dance, my career and life path ended due to irreparable shin fractures. This was a life crushing moment for me and drove me back to Tasmania to seek solace with my family. Shortly thereafter, I fell in love, got married and had 3 beautiful children. Here is where I started looking for something to move and energise my body, still my mind and provide the feeling of total freedom that I used to experience when I was dancing. I found yoga, or perhaps yoga found me… Yoga and dance are very different but the transition for me was easy and extremely rewarding. I... Read the profile >>

Emma-Jean (EJ) Jatan

Friends Gym & Hobart Aquatic Centre

As a child a lot of my growing up was in the front row of my Mum’s legwarmer- leotard -clad aerobics classes. As she Grape-vined and step-touched the class into a sweat, she instilled in me from those early days a passion for group fitness. This awakened my love for movement, finding fun in exercise, the music, the theatrics, the clothes, socialising and belonging to a community- it was infectious and I was completely hooked. I felt the freedom to “play”. Here I am years later a qualified fitness trainer and group instructor (no leotards, sometimes leg warmers). I still get that same BUZZ from getting out there and “playing” everyday. I instruct different varieties of fitness classes and take pleasure in working with people from all different walks of life. From strength... Read the profile >>

James Kerrison

Citywide Fitness

I’m one of those lucky people that gets paid to do what they love. I’ve always been active, involved with sports from a young age, and I have my parents to thank for that. From participating in sport, there was a natural progression to working out at school gyms and then commercial ones. Being a skinny kid I know all too well what it’s like to go to those ‘scary’ gyms with all of those intense, fit, strong and sweaty people! One day I must have put one and one together and realised that I could take my love of exercise, add a formal qualification, become a personal trainer the stars and retire young… The first part went to plan, I got certified as a Personal Trainer, but instead of training the rich and famous I work in a gym as any fresh trainer does.... Read the profile >>

Rebecca Chabot

Pure Yoga Tasmania

My yoga journey began 20 years ago in Seattle, Washington when I stumbled across The Integral Yoga, by Sri Aurobindo. With great fervour, I studied the dense philosophy of ancient yoga and quickly my view of the world and my place in it broadened. I moved to Los Angeles to begin my Master’s in Biology and met the amazing Peter Barnett, who become my yoga instructor and mentor for several years. My asana practice as well as my inner balance flourished and grew under Peter’s guidance. Upon submitting my master’s thesis, I journeyed to southern India to visit the Sri Aurobindo ashram, where my understanding and practice of yoga deepened. I moved then to Tasmania where my study and practice of yoga complemented my pursuit of a PhD in Ecology. Soon, I met my husband, Akia, who is also a... Read the profile >>