Hobart : Hobart

Drummond Williamson


I'd always enjoyed exercising but didn't ever have a goal or clear direction - I just knew that training made me feel better. After many years in a military gym doing traditional resistance /cardio training I was introduced to CrossFit.
The group training environment and attention given to define and measure improvements in fitness really appealed to me. I was also drawn to the intensity of the CrossFit program. I'd always enjoyed a challenge and CrossFit certainly delivered.
I'm a strong believer that a fitness program should not just improve your "fitness" but it should improve your life. I am honoured to be surround by athletes who daily inspire me to be a better coach, a better dad and husband and most of all just be better at life.
My passion is being able to provide this journey to my clients. Yes CrossFit 42South is a strength and conditioning facility but its more than that. Its more than a place to improve your fitness, it's a place where our athletes share a common goal - be just a little bit better everyday.