Hong Kong
Causeway Bay Showroom

Ally Lee


It was love at first sight for Ally when she encountered yoga. Her passion led her to study with YogaWorks in 2008 to become a certified teacher. Seeking more knowledge on how to work with various body types, Ally began to study Iyengar Yoga in 2009, which emphasizes alignment while developing balance, strength, stamina and flexibility, and has just recently completed the Introduction to Teaching Certification in 2013. For Ally, Iyengar Yoga has become the steady path to discovering stability and space in the body that she believes is the antidote to a physically demanding and hectic lifestyle. Her classes aim to not only share the many physical benefits of yoga, but also the mental and emotional aspects as well. Currently, Ally teaches at mYoga in Causeway Bay and Mong Kok. Read the profile >>

Audrey Lo

Optimum Performance Studio & Fitness First

Growing up as a ballet dancer, Audrey has been trained to appreciate and observe body movements and balance. Making sure her clients have a lean strong body and a pain-free life is her ultimate training goal by feeding the body with intelligent and 3-Dimensional movement. She is a master trainer for TRX Suspension Training, Twist Sports Conditioning and Trigger Point Therapy, and also certified for NASM Personal Training, PTA Global Advanced Personal Training, ViPR, PowerPlate and Freeform Board. Read the profile >>

Rachel Huang


Rachel adamantly believes teaching yoga is one of the most fantastic and rewarding aspects of her life. Her teaching style focuses on balancing flexibility and strength with the intention of reducing fitness related injuries. Since 2012, Rachel has been teaching Anti-Gravity Yoga, which she believes is the perfect complement to teaching yoga. Currently, Rachel teachers at Bodywize located in Happy Valley, Hong Kong. Read the profile >>