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Nadine Bubner

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Nadine is an avid runner and triathlon athlete; with the rigorous exercise from running, cycling and swimming she found yoga a haven for both body and mind. Originally from Berlin – Germany, she has been practicing yoga for 8 years and teaching for the last 4 years. She is registered as a Yoga Teacher by the International Yoga Alliance (250 hours) with Yoga Limbs Hong Kong and is Prenatal certified with Dr. Jean Byrne – theyogaspace Perth. She enjoys teaching yoga for runners, focusing on stretching and releasing tension that tends to develop in the hamstrings and hips and combines it with yin yoga and the insights that come with a slower, deeper, more introspective yoga practice. • Holistic Health Coach (CHHC, AADP by 02/2015) • Co-Founder SUP Yoga Hong Kong • cert.... Read the profile >>

Sharon Shek

2012 is the year I want to test my ROGA program, combine the benefits of yoga & running to stay fit, healthy and happy. A lot of people get injuries from running and I feel yoga can be very effective to minimize that risk. So I put myself as a testimony of ROGA. I ran 3 marathons within 30 days and slip in 2 snowboarding trips in between. I felt great & full of energy. In March, I team up with my partner for my first 50km mountain ultramarathon (any distance beyond 42km categorize as ultra marathon). It was not easy hiking/running in the mountain for 9 hours, in fact any training over half an hour is a physical challenge. However I always set out to finish what I started, regardless my legs were so tired every steps felt so heavy, I knew I could finish so I moved on, crossed the... Read the profile >>