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Sharon Shek

2012 is the year I want to test my ROGA program, combine the benefits of yoga & running to stay fit, healthy and happy. A lot of people get injuries from running and I feel yoga can be very effective to minimize that risk. So I put myself as a testimony of ROGA. I ran 3 marathons within 30 days and slip in 2 snowboarding trips in between. I felt great & full of energy.
In March, I team up with my partner for my first 50km mountain ultramarathon (any distance beyond 42km categorize as ultra marathon). It was not easy hiking/running in the mountain for 9 hours, in fact any training over half an hour is a physical challenge. However I always set out to finish what I started, regardless my legs were so tired every steps felt so heavy, I knew I could finish so I moved on, crossed the finishing line. That night, the beer and fries felt so rewarding and I could not recall the suffering during the day.
In July, I went for a 100km stage race in Mongolia. I have to run two marathon back to back and a half marathon on the last day over the hilly terrain and some river crossing. The scenery was spectacular, the air was very fresh at the Siberian plateau and I told myself there could not be any better way to see the locale then using your own feet to explore every inch of the area. The run along the mountain ridges covered with blossoming daisies were surreal. The post run hours with other like minded runners were really enjoyable. Running ultra after all was not so tough and the satisfaction of finishing a race last much longer than the pain & fatigue it has on you.
Couple weeks ago, while I was on business trip to Singapore, I knew there is a 50km trail running race so I signed up. Training in Hong Kong made the run in Singapore easy since the elevation was relatively gentle. I didn’t push very hard so I ran quite slow since I have been traveling for works for nearly 6 weeks and training has been on short distance. My partner was not feeling well so we also took quite a lot of breaks. We finished and felt fresh. The next day we run another 5km in the botanical garden and did some yoga.
So far, the ROGA program seems to work for me. Coming up with me a 100km race at the Maclehose trail and I’m training hard towards finishing it, INJURY FREE. With the cross training of yoga, I believe I CAN!