Honolulu : Ala Moana Ctr.

Ruby Lee


“When we begin to listen deep within and move from a place of integrity, we learn to rediscover and reconnect with our Higher Self -- filled with love, joy and wisdom.” Working as licensed massage therapist, Ruby’s sense of wonder, appreciation and love for the science of the human body led her towards the path of yoga. Since moving to Hawaii in 2010, her yoga practice has flourished through the support of Open Space Yoga and her thirst to learn more about the teachings of this ancient spiritual tradition. After completing the 200-hour RYT program at Open Space Yoga with Mary Bastien, Jennifer Reuter and Murti Hower, Ruby immersed herself into Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, and became certified as a Yoga Ayurveda Specialist with Kathryn Templeton from the Himalayan Institute. Currently, she is furthering her studies under the living Tantric lineage through the 500-hour RYT program offered by Open Space Yoga in collaboration with renowned teachers from The Himalayan Institute, including Rolf Sovik, Sandy Anderson, Sarah Goddard and Kathryn Templeton. Her learning also includes Sanskrit, the sacred language of yoga, in which she is presently studying with Dharma Widdman. Ruby continues to deepen her knowledge of yoga through the wisdom of her teachers, attending yoga related workshops, and following a personal practice.