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Anna Kauppila Morris

We Play Everywhere

Anna Kauppila Morris became a yogi and yoga teacher begrudgingly, but a running injury finally made her stop and listen. Her physical therapist recommended yoga to heal her chronic shin splints, and after a few classes she was hooked. Anna is certified in two very different, but complimentary styles of yoga; Kripalu (www.kripalu.org) and Ki Power Vinyasa (www.kipowervinyasa.com). Kripalu Center for Yoga is the oldest yoga training in North America and means "compassionate, nonjudgmental self-awareness" while Ki Power is a blend of MMA/Thai Chi/Yoga that helps to bring out your inner "warrior." That combination, along with Anna's professional background as a former pharmaceutical sales rep makes her a teacher that will push you, while also helping you to surrender. In addition to... Read the profile >>

Carlos and Lisa Ibarra

CrossFit Houston

CrossFit Houston, LLC Owners and head trainers since 2006 Motto: Quality over Quantity; Work Hard, Stay Humble Read the profile >>

Heather Foley

Runners High Club

Heather wasn't always what you'd call a "runner." In fact, running wasn't even on her radar until after college, when the free access to team sports was no longer an option. Throughout high school, playing a variety of team sports and continuing to feed the fire with college intramurals. Running was always that part of practice she had to slog through in order to get to the fun stuff. But after a relocation from Arizona to Texas, she decided that running was a budget-friendly way to stay in shape. One day, overhearing a few co-workers talking about a half marathon that they'd recently done. It sounded like something she'd like to try, so doing one became her goal. In October 2008, Heather finished her first half marathon. Things quickly escalated from there, and she soon found herself... Read the profile >>

Laura Calcaterra

Big Yoga

Laura is excited to energetically, creatively, and passionately share powerful flow yoga with anyone and everyone! Laura has always loved fitness, and played many competitive sports growing up. Finding yoga has been life-changing in helping her love her body, let go of competitive thoughts when they aren’t serving her, and gain body awareness that helps her do crazy fun and challenging things (like a handstand!). Laura found Baptiste yoga in 2009, and is completely in love with the physical strength, connection, and personal growth that this style inspires. She is fully committed to her own development on and off the mat, and is inspired to share her passion for growth with every one she meets. Laura has her 200-hour RYT, has completed Level 1 and Level 2 trainings with Baron Baptiste,... Read the profile >>

Mauricio Campos and Betty L

Brazilian Arts Foundation

Mauricio Campos was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2001, he established the Brazilian Arts Foundation to share his love of Brazilian culture and the unique energy of its traditions, dances, and music. He has led classes and workshops in Capoeira, music, and dance all around the Houston area including Houston Community College, Rice University, St. John's School, Texas A&M Prairie View, Texas A&M in Galveston, and the University of Houston. Betty is from Brazil and has been in the US for the past 11 years. She has always been involved in many aspects of excercising or dancing, including ballet, jazz, aerobics training, and of course, the contagious Brazilian samba. She has been part of many carnaval parades in her hometown fo Salvador, Bahia and grew up dancing samba. Betty... Read the profile >>

Susan Underwood

Yoga Collective and Joy Yoga

Susan completed her first teacher training with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center in 1988, experiencing first hand the immense power of yoga’s systematic approach to transform one’s spiritual, emotional and physical life and thus began a lifelong study of this precious practice. Her classes emphasize balancing strength and flexibility, and encourage students to personalize their practice, to move with intention, and to attend to the internal aspects of this ancient art. Parenting 3 amazing children, practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and meditation, digging in the garden, dabbling in the kitchen and traveling with her sweetheart, have all provided inspiration on and off the mat. She holds a BS in Biology and a Masters in Social Work and Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her... Read the profile >>