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Candice Quinn

Yoga Collective

Candice's yoga journey began later in her life. She had always been curious about yoga, but never acted on that curiosity until a friend invited her to a class. The class was a Vinyasa Flow style and Candice realized immediately that this practice was exactly what she had been searching for. Not only was it a great physical workout, it also was the only time in her day when her mind wasn’t rehashing the events and negative conversations of her demanding corporate job. Candice quickly came to realize that her daily practice had evolved well beyond her mat. Determined to live in the present, and to no longer let the pessimism that surrounded her affect her sense of self, she made a commitment to embrace yoga as a way of life. After only 7 months of practicing, she decided to become... Read the profile >>

Dan Houston

Big Yoga

Dan is committed to guiding and facilitating individuals as they "step into their power" on the mat. Dan's personal journey on the path of yoga started at the age of seven through his experience with a wide variety of martial arts, such as karate, jiu jitsu, capoeira, tai chi and qi gong. A kinesthetic learner by nature, Dan's introduction to a serious yoga practice in 2009 was a welcomed and empowering transition. He is committed to offering purposeful, individualized and playful classes that urge individuals to venture deeper into the realm of possibility, especially within their own bodies, minds and hearts. His classes are laboratories for inquisitiveness, creativity, and group collaboration. Dan believes that yoga holds the potential to create positive and substantial shifts in... Read the profile >>

Jessica Knapp

Joy Yoga / Yoga Collective

Jessica first found yoga while in high school in Minnesota. Training as an actor and dancer, yoga remained in the periphery of her life for several years. But, it wasn't until a friend took her to a local community center that she discovered Vinyasa yoga – she was hooked! The connection between breath and body that Vinyasa yoga provides has altogether transformed her life and opened her eyes to a more joyful way of living - while cultivating compassion and awareness and building inner and outer strength. Jessica earned her Registered Yoga Teacher, R.Y.T., certification with the Yoga Alliance in 2008 through Joy Yoga Center and continues to study and be influenced by the diverse Houston yoga scene. Jessica strives for light-heartedness and authenticity in her teaching - hoping to... Read the profile >>

Nancy Sheridan-Perry

Big Yoga

Nancy is committed to purposefully, playfully, and compassionately encouraging you to show up on your mat and in your life in a bold, empowered, and out-of-the-box way. Through skillfull and intuiutive teaching, Nancy holds space for you to question your perceived limitations, experience your own breakthroughs and transformations, and unleash your untapped power and possibility. No matter how much yoga experience you have, in every class you will be challenged, empowered, and nurtured, and you will sweat out and leave behind old tension, fears, and doubts. Nancy is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher. She co-founded Big Yoga in Houston, Texas in 2012. Nancy is committed to growth as a student and teacher... Read the profile >>

Rachel Good

The Bar Method

Rachel Good grew up in the Houston area and graduated from the University of Texas, where she really began to grasp her desire for fitness activity. Following graduation, she lived in Cuba, Spain and Greece for 18 months. Because all she needed was a good pair of trainers, it was abroad where she started to focus on long distance running which lead her to marathons and triathlons. The corporate ...world took her to Chicago and finally Los Angeles in 2008, where she discovered the Bar Method. Her first class was mind boggling but the classes to follow were life changing. Running had taught her body endurance, but Bar Method made a difference in her strength, her posture and her flexibility .... and so began her obsession!! When life brought her back to the Bayou City, she realized the... Read the profile >>

Rhia Robinson

Yoga Collective

Rhia Robinson, M.Ed, first discovered yoga at a gym when she was a teenager. She is grateful that her practice has become more fascinating and blissful from there. She has been teaching since 2002. Using meditation, integrated breath and movement, her classes focus on cultivating awareness, building strength, flexibility and grace while connecting to the internal and spiritual aspects of yoga. In Rhia's classes, you'll find a supportive environment for growth, discovery and joy. Her easy, gentle guidance leads students to discover their edge and then relax into their own groove. Music, meditation, travel, dance, yoga, writing and deep reflection have been sources of tremendous inspiration for Rhia and she feels fortunate to have the opportunity to share this gift with... Read the profile >>

Shelia Townsend

West End Run Club

Health & fitness have always been a priority in my life. I've been fortunate to have been extremely active from a young age. From about 4th grade on, I was always involved in dance, drill team or cheerleading. I have had a love for hitting the gym & running since 11th grade or so and over the years, I have ran in nearly every local 5 & 10K fun run, loving the camaraderie & energy of the crowd & have even talked my nieces into running several 5ks with me. Though I have had a passion for running for years, distance running is relatively new to me. Over the past few years, the exposure to so many talented, athletic people via my run club, inspired me to challenge myself more in 2011. It began with the Texas Independence Relay, a 203 mile relay race with a team of 12.... Read the profile >>

Susan Sullivan

To say I started running 4 years ago wouldn’t exactly be a true statement. I have been an athlete almost all my life. I was exposed to many team sports but soccer was my true love. I played competitively from age 5 up thru my sophomore year of college. I think that’s where my background for running truly began. One cannot play the game without a solid running foundation. I began running competitively in 2009, my first half marathon, after moving back to Houston from Manhattan. It began as a way to stay in shape, keep my sanity and meet new people. I loved the chats with friends over long training runs on Saturday mornings. Slowly, my inner competitor began to creep out and I craved to train harder to become faster and stronger. I was hooked after my first marathon! When... Read the profile >>