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Candice Quinn


Candice's yoga journey began later in her life. She had always been curious about yoga, but never acted on that curiosity until a friend invited her to a class. The class was a Vinyasa Flow style and Candice realized immediately that this practice was exactly what she had been searching for. Not only was it a great physical workout, it also was the only time in her day when her mind wasn’t rehashing the events and negative conversations of her demanding corporate job. Candice quickly came to realize that her daily practice had evolved well beyond her mat. Determined to live in the present, and to no longer let the pessimism that surrounded her affect her sense of self, she made a commitment to embrace yoga as a way of life.
After only 7 months of practicing, she decided to become certified to teach so she could share the gifts of yoga with others. In 2008, she earned her Yoga Alliance certification under the teachings of Jennifer Buergermeister of Jennyoga Studios in Houston, TX. Her ever-evolving approach to teaching is deeply rooted in the Vinyasa Flow styles of Shiva Rea and Seane Corn. Being a true Libra, however, life is all about balance for Candice. When she was introduced to the practice of Yin yoga, she knew her love for Vinyasa had a competitor. The balance of practicing both Yin and Yang styles has helped Candice find balance within her own life and has given her a new perspective on teaching. Her Yin practice inspired her to deepen her exploration of the more restorative forms of the asanas. She was certified in July 2012 to teach Restorative Yoga under the instruction of Judith Hanson Lasater. Candice also teaches Rainbow Kids Yoga and Partner Yoga/Thai Massage workshops. Her most recent infatuation is surfing. She is planning a yoga-surf day in Galveston for Lululemon in late summer 2012.
No matter the style, Candice is best known for her inventive approach to creating dynamic, fun, and thoughtful sequences. Her yoga classes are accessible to students of all levels. Not only does she honor and celebrate the diverse needs of everyone in every class, she has an extraordinary gift of making people feel welcome, and inspiring them to find the mix of challenge and ease that is right for them each time they step on their mats.
Through her practice and teaching, Candice began to dream new dreams and to imagine a new life for herself. She happily discovered that her time on the mat had been working its magic and that she had steadily been cultivating the strength and courage to live the life of her dreams. In January of 2012, Candice opened her own yoga studio in her close-knit neighborhood in Houston, Texas. Though in its infancy, Yoga Collective is already a thriving, community-centered space where both seasoned and novice students are growing their practices. Another one of Candice’s dreams was to become a Lululemon Ambassador, as she has a weakness for brightly colored yoga pants. One more dream became a reality for Candice this year; she will be hosting a yoga-surf retreat with Via Yoga in Sayulita, Mexico, in January 2013.
Through yoga, she hopes to promote peace, love, unity and well-being by helping others return to the source of all that they are. Candice will inspire you to let go of your fears and the limited beliefs that hold you back so that you can move forward toward your dreams and goals and “Live the Life You Love”!