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Dan Houston


Dan is committed to guiding and facilitating individuals as they "step into their power" on the mat. Dan's personal journey on the path of yoga started at the age of seven through his experience with a wide variety of martial arts, such as karate, jiu jitsu, capoeira, tai chi and qi gong. A kinesthetic learner by nature, Dan's introduction to a serious yoga practice in 2009 was a welcomed and empowering transition.

He is committed to offering purposeful, individualized and playful classes that urge individuals to venture deeper into the realm of possibility, especially within their own bodies, minds and hearts. His classes are laboratories for inquisitiveness, creativity, and group collaboration. Dan believes that yoga holds the potential to create positive and substantial shifts in the lives of all individuals regardless of their experience.

Dan is the Chief Empowerment Officer and Co-Founder of In-Powered (www.in-powered.org) in Houston, Texas. He is currently using his doctoral work at the University of Houston to develop a research base to support yoga-based school programs that empower at-risk youth to exit the Schools-to-Prison pathway.