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Aja Barto

Behemoth CrossFit

Aja is head trainer and co-owner of Behemoth CrossFit. He is a Houston native and two-time Reebok CrossFit games athlete. Aja was introduced to CrossFit by the strength and conditioning coach of the Texas Rangers in 2010. Since then, he has become a top CrossFit athlete, and has trained with some of the best known CrossFit names in the world. He is CrossFit Level 1 certified, kettlebell certified, and has attended numerous nutritional seminars run by some of the top names in the nutritional field today. Aja graduated from Tulane University, playing 3 years for the Green Wave along with a few years with the Texas Rangers minor league organization. His passion is helping people change their lives through CrossFit. Read the profile >>

Aryan Barto

Behemoth CrossFit

Aryan is co-owner of Behemoth CrossFit with his brother, Aja Barto. Aryan is the eldest Barto brother and is a born and raised Houston native. Following 5 years of collegiate football, and a brief stint in the Arena2 Football League, Aryan was introduced to CrossFit by Aja. Finding a balance between working long hours behind a desk, and crossfitting during his lunch hour, Aryan is known as the poster child for the "corporate crossfitter". In 2011, he missed a trip to the CrossFit Games by one point, finishing in 4th place. To date, Aryan is CrossFit Level 1 certified and continues to actively pursue his interest in the nutritional realm. Aryan graduated from Tulane University in 2008 with a BS in Finance and a Masters of Accounting. Although still fresh to the CrossFit scene, Aryan is... Read the profile >>

Doan Pham

Most people know Doan Pham as a runner and are often surprised to learn that she has only been running for about 6 years. Born and raised in Vietnam (they immigrated by boat when she was 7 years old) and combined with being a sickly kid, she was never exposed or allowed to participate in any sports growing up. In her early thirties – when her first son was about a year and a half old – a girlfriend asked her to run a marathon. She not so politely reminded her friend that I had two left feet and had never run a mile in my entire life. Motivated to lose an extra 10 lbs. that she couldn't seem to shed after having her son, Doan agreed to start running with her but told her she wouldn’t run a marathon. As it goes, she ended up signing up and finishing the full marathon. She then... Read the profile >>

Grace Kubecka

Awakened Yoga Studio

Grace's yoga journey began in 2000 by attending a yoga class on a whim thinking it would be a boring hour of breathing and stretching. Instead she found herself challenged - body, mind and soul. Instantly addicted, she has been practicing ever since. In 2006, Grace started teaching and spreading the yoga joy! Grace spent her childhood in Houston and has been living in Sugar Land since 2004. She is a wife to a super-tolerant husband and a mother to two energetic boys. Her original career path was climbing the corporate ladder in the field of human resources for over 15 years, and after having two of the cutest boys you'll ever meet, Grace decided to take her passion to the next level and opened Awakened Yoga Studio in Sugar Land in early 2010. It's been a passionate whirlwind ever since! ... Read the profile >>

Marizol Cabrera


Marizol's yoga path began over 10 years ago, and was solidified with her certification as a yoga teacher. As a dancer who studied many different styles of yoga including Bikram, Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Marizol feels that it was Vinyasa Flow that ignited her passion for yoga. It was in this style where she discovered a love for uniting movement with the breath which will allow the mind to become still and the focus to be solely on the body and the breath. Marizol is certified through the Yoga Institute and Joy Yoga Center and has taken advance teacher training classes with Jonny Kest, who is one of her favorite teachers and inspirations. She also obtained a Trance Dance certification with Shiva Rea. In addition to teacher certification courses, Marizol is continually... Read the profile >>