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Katie Dixon

Kadi Fit

Honestly, I am just a girl who wanted to make a BIG change in my life. So, I decided to take all of my passions and share them with everyone. The journey began with the silly thought that I was building simply a fitness dance studio, but I soon learned that something far greater was in store for me...

After sharing my story of how I was once "chained to a desk" and all of the other expectations society had of me, but one day chose to risk everything in order to free myself, and live my dreams, I realized that this place was more than fitness. We all have desires every single day to live boldly and make an impact. THUS were the beginnings of a Lifestyle Design Studio.

I also wish to devote my life to helping and inspiring others. I will never allow physical or financial burdens to stop anyone from the things they want to accomplish. I will seek those in need through local churches and nonprofit organizations. No one will ever be turned away. Help me to help others find a healthy, more fulfilling way of life.

This is the Lifestyle I wish to possess and I hope to inspire everyone else along the way. To live life with PASSION.

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The Technicalities:
Zumba Certified Instructor
Zumba Instructor Network
AFFA Certified Group Exercise Instructor
AFFA Certified Personal Trainer
Appalachian State University- Graduated in 2005 with my BSBA in Marketing
Appalachian State University Dance Team (2001-2005)

Dance has been my greatest passion since before I can remember. I decided at the beginning of 2009 that I was ready to branch off from Zumba and create a class all in itself. Thus was the beginnings of Kadi Fit. I continually challenge myself every day to choreograph and build a class that is completely new and refreshing and DIFFERENT than any class you've ever taken.

Katie Dixon
kadi- Owner