Indianapolis : Keystone Mall

Jen Xanders

My journey crossed the path of yoga around 1995 as I looked to create a healthier lifestyle. It has been an ever evolving and changing experience that has deepened and enriched all aspects of my life. I began the practice of yoga to get stronger, and somewhere along the way realized Yoga can heal not only the body but also settle the mind. It has changed and enriched every aspect of my life and relationships. I find this practice to be a metaphor for life that helps us hone the tools that we need to not just survive our hectic lives but to live them and love them!

As a teacher, I look to encourage students to reconnect with their bodies and intuition; helping them realize how powerful, loving and happy they are beneath all the junk they don’t need. My teaching style is physically challenging and a compilation of every teacher and student I have had the joy of practicing and studying with. Expect to sweat, smile and let go of the outside world.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, you will find me passionately spending time with my amazing and inspiring husband, Mike, and twin 10 year old girls, Sophie and Amelia. Fitness and health is a family affair with my triathlete husband and a daughter with one tri under her belt already! Another place you may find me is volunteering at the girls’ school teaching yoga, creating the school wellness newsletter, or working on a healthier lunch program. And the rest of my free time (ha) is spent cooking, cooking and more cooking. Peace