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Meg Faber

Flourish Yoga + Wellbeing / Breathing Space

Meg has always been interested in nutrition, health, and best practices in healthy living. Before fully realizing that yoga was the path for her, she studied dance from a very young age, and attended a high school in New York that emphasized dance and surrounded her with culture, experience and inspiration. She carried her love for dance to college which provided a creative outlet and a sense of physical discipline.

Once Meg graduated with her BA in English from Wittenberg University, she lived in LA working behind the scenes in the film and theater industry, and began exploring yoga as well as Krava Maga. Meg eventually returned to Indiana, and worked in the HR field for years. After spending many years in corporate America assisting executives and employees find balance in the workplace, Meg felt the gravitational pull of yoga leading her to become a certified instructor in 2010 through the guidance of Ann Miller and Dona Robinson of All People Yoga.

Yoga was the culmination of many of Meg’s past and current interests, but it also opened up entirely new vistas in mind and body wellness. Meg brings her passion for yoga into teaching an energetic and playful yet beautifully peaceful class. Meg’s objective is to offer a yoga experience as a complete exercise and workout program for the body as well as the mind. Meg teaches youth, tween/teen and adult classes. Meg is currently working on a committee with Mighty Lotus.
Meg encourages her students to let go of ideas and thoughts that do not serve them, transitioning from limiting beliefs that have been placed in the mind by others and embrace the authentic self.

Off the mat, Meg enjoys dance, TRX, barre class, biking, and walks. Meg loves to read, travel, cook, listen to music of all genres and socialize with her friends. She is very involved with her three beautiful, energetic boys and a talented, loving husband.

Meg is truly grateful to be able to practice and teach yoga during her life journey, and feels that every trip onto the mat reveals something new about herself and the light within her. Be the peace and the light to all that enter your life. Namaste.