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Shea Rankin

Shea has always been an athlete, but it wasn’t until several wild college years, an unhealthy lifestyle and a few extra pounds, that being active became a priority. Shea competed in her first triathlon at age 23. She was in poor shape and went straight to the race after closing the bar she tended in the early morning! Not an ideal way to start a race for most triathletes. She finished the race and fueled by its energy and her love for competing, she couldn’t wait to do it again. Fast forward 15 years - Shea has competed in 100’s of triathlons, from sprint distance to the Ironman distance. Shea is now a competitive age-grouper, often winning sprint races and placing in the top 10 of her age group on the national level.

Shea worked in finance for over a decade until she left the industry to follow her passion and pursue a career as a triathlon coach. Since her exodus, she became USAT certified, created a coaching business and opened the Cycle Studio. Shea is now living her dream by coaching triathletes, cyclists, and other athletes helping them to reach their potential and goals as athletes.

Shea’s latest endeavor, the Cycle Studio, has been in the works since early 2007. The Cycle Studio became a reality in December 2011. Through the studio, Shea has changed the way local triathletes and cyclists train and race. Her clientele often see podium finishes and are putting up some of the best bike times on any course. She has enjoyed seeing her athletes improve through her studio and loves the hands-on coaching opportunities it provides. The Cycle Studio has also put Shea in front of lululemon, which has turned out to be one of the greatest gifts.

Her latest personal challenge was the Louisville Ironman in 2013. Her strength is definitely cycling, but she loves the challenge and training triathlons require. Her husband, David “Wall Street,” is also an avid triathlete. Her 9 year old, Lucas, competes in triathlons and her 2 year old enjoys being at races. Sydney, her 7 year old, has no interest in being a triathlete, but is the most supportive cheerer at the races.