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Shea Rankin

The Cycle Studio (owner) - Runner, Cyclist, Triathlete Coach / I am Multisport

Shea is the owner of I am Multisport and the Cycle Studio. I am Multisport was founded in 2008 as a triathlon specific coaching business. While triathlon is her passion, she coaches cyclists and runners as well. Shea has coached athletes of all abilities in race
distances ranging from Ironman to sprint. The Cycle Studio opened in 2011 to help athletes learn to ride and develop skills on the bike. Shea is an advocate in building cycling endurance and strength to significantly enhance the success of triathlon athletes.

Shea has been competing in the sport of triathlon for over 15 years. In 2013, she placed second at Ironman Louisville, thus earning a spot and racing in Kona Ironman World Championships. Shea has competed in the Age Group Nationals, has completed multiple 70.3 Ironman races, Olympics, and Sprints distances over the years. Shea is married to David, also a triathlete, and has 3 children (4, 9 & 11). She swears she'll never do another Ironman and will probably spend more time riding her bike around town.